People are constantly asking, “Which abs diet will give you the best six pack, or flat, sexy stomach?” 

If you want ripped abs and flat stomach, you will need to be pretty dedicated to feeding your body the right fuel, at the right time, for the right results.

The key is not to think “diet” because diets DO NOT WORK!  How many diets have you been on that truly gave lasting results?  I’m guessing zero, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Our metabolism is like heat from a fire.  Food is the fuel to the fire and exercise is the spark.  If you put too much fuel on the fire, you will put out the fire.  Not good.  However, if you are constantly stoking the fire, it will burn long and hot which will help you burn fat and remove the layers hiding your sexy midsection.

We have grown up with the idea that eating “three square meals a day” is the right way to fuel our bodies.  Science has shown us that this method is not efficient.  It is much better to eat 5 to 6 smaller meals per day every few hours.  The same amount of food, but spread out.

You need to portion out your food.  A good rule of thumb for a portion is judged by the size of either your clenched fist or open hand.

Each meal needs to consist of a portion of protein and carbohydrates.  You should include fresh fruit or veggies to at least 2 of your meals. 

Proteins should be low fat like; skinless chicken breast, turkey breast, tuna, salmon, legumes, eggs, low fat beef, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.  Carbohydrates should be whole grains, veggies, fruit, brown rice, oatmeal, pasta, etc.

You can eat or drink meal replacements such as a protein shake, etc., if your schedule doesn’t allow the necessary preparation time.  But be careful.  Some replacement meals are simply nicely packaged garbage.  A visit to your local nutrition center you trust will point you in the right direction.  Or research this topic on the net.

You will also need to make sure you are getting healthy fats.  Olive oil is a great source.  Use it in your salads or to cook with.  Nuts are also a great source of healthy fats.  Almonds and walnuts are excellent nuts, but so too are most nuts.  You can have a handful for a snack each day.  Keep it simple and choose the unsalted variety.

With this method, you will never go hungry – guaranteed!  It does take some planning.  It’s best to prepare the night before what you will be eating.  After you have done this for a while, you really won’t need to plan as much.  It will be like second nature.  Replace any bogus ideas of an abs diet with this way of eating, and you will be well on your way to acheiving the results you’re after.

To your health and success!