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You’ve found your motivation.  The things that get you moving toward your goal.  The boulder that starts to roll down the hill.  Now you need to keep the momentum going to start to see the results multiply.

How many times have you started something only to drop off and completely stop what you started not even a few weeks into your new routine?  There WILL be days where you don’t want to continue.  Your bed is going to seem a better choice than the gym.  So what can you do to stay motivated?  You will need to measure results, plan for failure, give yourself grace, and move on.

Measuring results are wonderful.  When you are sticking to a plan that works, small advances are really encouraging.  I really recommend weighing yourself every day.  Studies show that people who weigh themselves every day lose weight and keep it off.  Over a period of two months last summer, I lost 20 pounds.  Every morning when I stepped on the scale and found that I lost weight I was extremely excited. (I even had a little dance I’d do!  Losing weight is cause for celebration, right?!) The days I didn’t lose anything didn’t bother me too much as long as those days were equal to or fewer to the days I was losing.  On the days I had gained weight I did a mental checkdown of what I ate the day before, when I ate it, how was my ab workout, and so on.  This helped me to get immediately back on track.

There will be times when you will gain a pound or two.  Or you may be too busy to workout.  That’s normal.  Plan on it.  Most of us will continually struggle with a routine.  That’s ok.  You will get sick, or possibly even injured.  The demands of your job may keep you from working out.  Your family or friends might have a crisis that requires all your time.  Heck, even something fun like a vacation can throw you off your routine.  When I have distraction like this, I like to be able to rely on an “anchor point.”

An anchor point is something that is fundamental and recurring.  Something that can keep you on track when you get off track.  I like to think of it as a point where if I’ve fallen off the wagon, it’s a time I can count on where the wagon come around again and slow down enough for me to get back on.  Example:  Mondays are my anchor point for when I’ve gotten off track.  I’ve had many times where the demands of my schedule made it hard to get up and workout.  Pretty soon the whole week goes by and I only went to the gym once or twice (or none at all) instead of the four to six times I like.  Every week when Monday comes around I start my routine over again.  That’s the great thing about planning for success this way.  If I fall off my routine, the routine comes back around for me.

Something that can happen is we can get really down for time lost or a few pounds gained.  Give yourself grace for failure.  You’re human!  Just like everyone else.  Remember that the goal here is to be healthy and fit for life, not just for a while.  Don’t get caught up in the past.  Live in the NOW and for the FUTURE.  The past is yesterday’s news and nobody cares.  Don’t let it reach back and pull you down.

In my life I have been knocked down many times.  I heard someone say, “It’s not how many times you get knocked down that matters.  It’s how many times you get back up that does.”  You are going to get knocked down.  Get back up and move forward.  You deserve it!  Give yourself the body you desire.  Live full of energy.  You are in control. 

Prepare.  Plan.  Stay motivated.  And be kind to yourself.

To your Health and Success!



This post is crucial.  Read and devour it. 

I believe that the topic of Motivation is a very important one if we are concetrating on our ab workout quest, or really ANYTHING for that matter.  If we are ever going to re-shape our bodies, change a habit, or climb a mountain, we are going to have to find a powerful motivator.  The “carrot” before us needs to be huge!

Imagine that we are stationary like a boulder on a hillside.  We want to roll the boulder to the bottom of the hill.  We are going to have to start the with more force and energy to get the boulder in motion, but once it starts to roll it will be easier to keep it moving.  We need to have a vision of where we want it to be and the drive to keep it in motion.

In our case of finding motivation for physical fitness, the motivation needs to be great and long lasting.  Not only do we want to be fit, we want to be this way the rest of our lives.  Bill Phillips in his book, Body For Life, talks about how the importance of the title Body for Life gives a different impression than Body for 3 Months!  The first time I read that I realized where my priorities need to be – in the “now” and for the long haul.  I needed to get the boulder in motion and not let it rest on the hillside.

I want to share a little about what motivates me.  I think many of you can relate, and if you’ve never really thought about it before maybe this will help you light the fire of motivation for yourself.

For me, the item at the top of the hill that I wanted to change was and is my body’s natural tendency to put on weight and be un-fit.  (I mean, what should I expect it to do if I like Ding Dongs, pizza and Coke as my main sources or nutrition?! 🙂  I started to imagine what the bottom of the hill looked like.  I tried to invision what my body would look like when I had six pack abs. 

But why would I want to change?  What was my motivation?…

I have two kids.  I love them like I never thought I could love anyone.  I want to share many of life’s wonderful experiences with them.  I don’t want to leave them fatherless at a young age.  I want to be around to be a grandfather, and a great grandfather.  I realized that eating junk food and having a sedentary lifestyle was not helping me live a healthier, longer life.

Death and disease has been a constant companion in my life.  My paternal grandfather died at the age of 49 from a heart attack.  My maternal grandfather died at 33 from an assumed heart attack.  My best friend died at 51 from a heart attack.  My cousin died at 42 from cancer.  My mother’s stepfather died at 49 from cancer.  I have had pneumonia and a series of strokes that have affected both of my optic nerves (my vision isn’t what it used to be).  These are things someone my age (at the time of the incidents, I was in my mid to late thirties) should not be suffering from.

When I add the two previous paragraphs together, it is a powerful motivator for me.  Fear – not an overpowering “I’m afraid of the big bad wolf” type of fear, but the fear of losing out.  I believe this is healthy and very motivating for people.

But I also want to feel good.  I don’t want my back to ache.  I don’t want the extra weight on my knees and other joints.  I want energy and mental clarity.

Is this motivation enough to help me to push through my , chest, arms, back, legs, and ab workout?  You bet!  Cardio?  Uh huh!

Now it’s your turn.  What motivates you?  Write it down.  Make it powerful.  Get the boulder rolling.

To your Health and Success!