Through years of a sedentary lifestyle, or unhealthy eating habits, you may have found fat being deposited in unwanted areas of your body. 

On average, we gain a little over a pound of fat per year and lose about a half a pound of muscle.  This is bad because lean muscle mass helps burn stored fat – less muscle = more fat.  To show off your six pack, you need to melt away the fat around your midsection.  Weight training is essential to obtaining the body you desire.  Not just an ab workout, but total body workout.  Weight training will give you the metabolic boost you need to burn the fat, and make you feel strong.

Unlike a cardio workout which only gives you a short metabolic boost, weight training will boost your resting metabolic rate for 2 to 4 days when done right.  Resistance training will tear the muscle fiber.  Your body has to work on overtime to repair the tissue.  That means while you are resting, your body is still working hard to essentially repair the damage you inflicted on it.  When the muscle is repaired it becomes bigger and stronger.  (How big depends on variables such as the hormone, testosteone, which is why women can work very hard and not get as big as their male gym-mates.)

In order to get a good “burn” and the most effective workout, you need to make sure you completely exhaust the muscles.  (If you are just starting out, start out slowly.  Make sure to see your physician before you start an exercise routine if you haven’t seen him in a while.)  Many experts agree that to get the best results, interval training is a great way to work.  The best way to explain this is to think of a scale from 1 to 10.  One is totally relaxed.  Ten feels like something you can’t possibly do one more rep to save your life.

Example: Incline chest press with dumbbells.  You will want to start off for the first few weeks doing each exercises 4 times – or 4 sets.  Start by lifting the weight on an intensity level 6 for 12 repetitions.  Next, a level 7 for 10 reps.  Then a level 8 for 8 reps.  And finally, a level 10 for 12 reps.  You can start your first set with lighter weights, and either increase or decrease the weights in accordance to intensity leve.

After you feel like you are comfortable with this routine after a few weeks, add an additional set for a total of 5.  (Level 6 – 12 reps.  Level 7 – 10 reps.  Level 8 – 8 reps.  Level 9 – 6 reps.  Level 10 – 12 reps.)  Your goal is 6 sets.  (Level 6 – 12 reps.  Level 7 – 10 reps.  Level 8 – 8 reps.  Level 9 – 6 reps.  Level 9 – 12 reps.  Level 10 – 12 reps.)  Make sure to rest one minute between sets.  Each set of reps should take less than a minute.  Between your last set for each exercise, do not rest.  You can also go from your second to last set to a last set with a different exercise for the same muscle group.  Go from incline chest press to flyes.

You should weight train 2 to 3 times per week.

Do not cheat yourself!  You are already lifting the weights.  Make sure to do it the right way.  You need to feel like you simply could not lift another weight for each muscle group.

Remember that more lean muscle keeps that fat away.  If you are looking for a great program to help you with your weight training goals, check out Your Six Pack Quest by Vince DelMonte.  Or, The Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary.  These guys are both experts and I implement their info into my daily workout programs.

To your health and success!